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Voorjaar 2014

DKC Spring 2014 Cup


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General Information

The DKC Spring League will start again.
This competition will take place on the circuit of Antwerp Karting in Wilrijk, Antwerp. This is the only outdoor race circuit in the area. We race there with ordinairy "Rental karts'. The fun of an outdoor track is that weather conditions have a direct impact on the outcome of the race. Starting with a dry track and halfway through a rain storm is a guaranteed success and lots of fun

Each game lasts one hour. The starting grid for the first race will be decided by lottery, with the exception that the first three of the JPR Winter League (2013/2014) start with one lap down. From the second game on, the grid is drawn on the basis of the results of the ranking. This means that the leaders in the standings will start as last, and the lowest ranked as first on the grid. The drivers with one or more rounds penalty start from the pits.

Karts are assigned by lot to the participating teams / riders.

Minimum average weight is 75 Kg per team, weighed in race clothing and helmet. If the average team weight between 65 kg and 75 kg, it is mandatory to have one extra stop. If the average weight of the team is less than 65 Kg than two additional stops are required. The minimum weight may also be compensated with "lead sheet", the team has to buy it themself. (Of course, the additional stops are then not required)
Before the series of races will begin each team is weighed, a change in team composition or upon request, weighed again.

This competition can have up to 16 participating teams. A team can consist of several persons with a maximum of four.
In our regular competation we have several expirianced DKC members, who form single driver teams. It is recommended though for new drivers to form teams, i.e. more drivers preferable 4.
For each team there is always one mandatory kart exchange, the exchange takes about 30 seconds. Teams consisting of one single driver must do a dummy exchange by entering the pits, get out of their kart, walk half a circle around the kart and enter on the other side and wait for the signal to drive on. There may only be changed after 20 minutes game . (This is to prevent changes immediate after the start.) Whether or not use is made of the following change procedure, depends on the participation of the kart rental owner and its track officials:

Open pitlane after 20 minutes in the match and it will close after 40 minutes game, upon entering the pit lane there are two karts ready. Get into the next available kart, the transponder will be changed by an official (this is determined by the organizer) and may then leave the pitlane again after 30 seconds. Time is tracked such that everyone has the same switching time. Those who require additional stops due to weight may change after the regular period. Then the procedure as above is to be followed, i.e. no kart and transponder change.

Winner of a heat is the team which has driven the most laps according the computer of the track.

The first three classified in a heat, get the next heat a handicap of 1-round. Ie, They start next heat one round later. This is cumulative so it is throughout the competition and build up like a windmillstone tied to your kart ...


Below is a map. Google Maps allows you to define your route!

Larger Map

Antwerp Karting College
BoomseSteenweg 952
2610 Wilrijk

Circuit Overview

You can already explore the circuit from the air! You have a wonderful overview of the track even with the ideal line visible through the rubber tracks. Through Google Maps you can get even more detailed.

Belgisch baantje

This is one of the layouts that are possible, a total of 12 different possibilities, we will try to use these opportunities. This implies that every game if possible on an 'Other' circuit.

Race dates

The races will be driven on the following dates:

09 april 2014
14 mei 2014
11 juni 2014
09 juli 2014,

After the prize presentation ceremony and DKC Kart Champion 2012

We normally start at 20.00 and end at 21:00. After the match you can chat in the "Paddock" and compensate the water loss due to swet or go home if you want to be home on time.

Everyone is kindly requested to attend no later than 19.30 hours.

  .    Puntjes

points Telling en klassering

1e place 13 points      7e place 06 points
2e place 11 points      8e place 05 points
3e place 10 points      9e place 04 points
4e place 09 points    10e place 03 points
5e place 08 points    11e place 02 points
6e place 07 points    12e t/m 16e place 01 point.

Of the five races count, 4 count in the ranking, the worst result of all games is deleted. A team must attend at least 4 games to qualify for the final classification.

A team that get removed from the game due to unsportsmanlike conduct, intentionally collide or another not permissible behavior is exhibited and classified as last. This result will count towards the final classification and should NOT be deleted.


Start vlaggetje Belgian flag Start of the Race
Voorbijsteker komt eraan Blue Faster driver behind you, obliged to pass. After having ignored 2x the blue flag, automatically the Black / white triangle follows, possibly followed even then by the black flag!
Gevaar. Inhalen verboden Yellow Danger on the road, reduce your speed when passing the flag raise your hand so that riders coming behind you will see this also. Inhalen is VERBODEN. Overtaking is forbidden.
Ho, Nu stoppen Red Race interrupted, stop immediately.
Binnenkomen voor straf Black The pilot to whom the black flag is displayed must immediately go into the pits, where he or she is informed about his misdoing and possibly hear what his or here punishment will be.
Binnenkomen voor straf White/Black Triangle Is shown to the driver that an unsportsmanlike behavior. This is also the LAST warning for the black flag.
Einde wedstrijd Black/White checkered End game

Race Clothing

Overalls, rain gear and helmets are made available by the landlord. However, if you own your own equipment (helmet, rainwear, overalls etc) then I recommend you to use those instead.

Award Ceremony   Prijs

Following the last race the ceremony of the DKC kart champion 2012 takes place. This will take place in the cafeteria the "Paddock" of Antwerp karting, or outside if the weather permits, on the sponsor stage.
Note: Cafetaria is smoke free


Registration for participation in the DKC Spring Cup via registration form for this purpose distributed by mail or on request by Leon Kuppens. One week before the race, the required subscription money must be in possession of the organization. Who registers for the cup is assumed to participate in the whole series, this due to agreements made ​​and reservations.

Cost DKC Spring Cup.     Euro

Despite inflation and the appreciation of the cost of living, the cost per team per match remains:

Team has full membership of DKC €40
Mixed team with DKC membership and no membership €40 + €10 voor each none DKC membership
Team with no membership DKC €60

This amount should be in by the organization a week before the race. After payment, your registration is final

Payment can be in the following ways:
        Transfer to:
        Bank: ABN-Amro Bank Terneuzen
        REK; NL27 ABNA 09 74 62 62 95
        In name of: Pers Ver Dow Dow Kart Club
quoting AK-Date..
and Team name or own name.
AFTER this date, the unpaid registrations are canceled.



Dow, the PV or one of the subdivisions of the PV are not responsible for damage or injury to participants in events organized by: Dow, the PV, or one of the subdivisions of the PV